Cell Models

Cellaria’s in vitro cancer cell models are derived directly from patient tumors to reflect the unique nature and complexity of each patient’s disease.

Now researchers can move away from traditional methodologies and forge a path to more personalized therapeutics.

WATCH A VIDEO to learn how are Cellaria’s cell models are different from the current cancer research options, such as, PDX and GEMMS. 

Cellaria vs. traditional cell lines:

  • Developed with a breakthrough processOur holistic approach optimizes the entire culture environment including the growth substrate, culture medium, and oxygen tension.
  • Unparalleled stabilityOur cell models are stable and show high concordance to the original tumor genotype through high passage as measured by SNP analysis.
  • Backed by extensive dataOur models are traceable back to initial patient tumor and clinical conditions, simplifying the analysis of patient-specific responses.
  • Stringent quality controlsOur intensive quality testing process protects your research with data on lot-specific cell growth, cell line authentication, and broad-spectrum sterility.
  • Predictable growth ratesObtain the cells you need for high-throughput drug screening via optimized expansion protocols.
    on Cellaria’s Cancer Cell Models.
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