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Cellaria provides innovative media for your primary culture needs. Our WIT and Renaissance media enable high rates of success in culturing your patient samples past 15 population doublings.

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USE FOR: Human iPS and hES cells


Defined, xeno-free, serum-free medium. Designed for optimal growth and expansion of human iPS and hES cells. NutriStem® hPSC XF is registered as an In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device. NutriStem® is a registered trademark of Biological Industries​. A Drug Master File (DMF) for NutriStem® hPSC XF is available.

  • Flexible and compatible with multiple matrices (including vitronectin, laminins, and Matrigel).
  • Amenable to weekend-free culture.
  • FDA Drug Master File (DMF) available, produced under cGMP.
  • Enables efficient expansion and growth of hES and hiPS cells in feeder-free culture systems.
  • Extensively tested and widely used on multiple hES and iPS cell lines, including H1, H9.2, I6, I3.2, and CL1.

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USE FOR: Solid tumor types, including breast, lung, colon, and ovarian.


Specifically formulated for extended in vitro propagation, Renaissance media utilizes a simple, feeder-free protocol for multiple solid tumor types, including breast, lung, colon, and ovarian. Using our approach, researchers have achieved high success rates in establishing extended culture of tumor cells —a success rate many times higher than in tumors cultured in traditional media.


  • Echoes the originalReflects morphology and histology of the original tumor.
  • Less variation, better resultsRenaissance Media produces cultures with less variability and more reproducible results.
  • Simple feeder-free protocolNo feeder cells or genetic manipulation of the cells is required.
  • Unsurpassed stabilityPrimary tumors grown in Renaissance are stable past 15 population doublings.
  • Enhanced predictabilityStable genotype and growth rate for predictable cell expansion.

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USE FOR: Human mammary epithelial cells and human fallopian tissue.



Cellaria designed this line of media to optimize the expansion of normal human mammary epithelial cells and human fallopian tissue. Completely defined and serum-free, WIT media support expansion over 20 passages—without the growth arrest seen in other normal primary culture media.



  • Broad usageWIT has been used for a wide breadth of applications by scientists, including growth of lymphoma and mouse tumor tissue
  • More effective cultivationUse of WIT simplifies primary cell culture and enables normal cells to thrive.
  • User-friendlyProtocol is easy-to-use and formulation is both serum-free and fully defined.
  • Reflective of cancerCell growth in WIT exhibit a more luminal pattern than in other media.

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Coming Soon: Opus Cell Culture MediaTM

We are excited to announce our new cell culture media, Opus, which will be released in the coming months. For researchers culturing human primary tissue, Opus provides completely defined and serum-free media across a variety of applications, allowing growth and evaluation of cells previously impossible to culture. This serum-free system gives scientists control over the culturing conditions, increasing reproducibility and minimizing risk of genetic and phenotypic changes.

  • Culture previously impossible to culture human primary tissue.
  • Completely defined and serum-free media.
  • Increased reproducibility and minimized risk of genetic and phenotypic changes.

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