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WIT-P-NC Medium


Cellaria’s WIT-P-NC™ Culture Medium supports the expansion of human primary mammary epithelial cells for more than 20 passages without the growth arrest that is seen with other primary epithelial cell culture media. In addition, primary mammary epithelial cells grown in WIT–P-NC Culture Medium exhibit a more normal luminal pattern of gene expression than cells grown in other epithelial culture media1,2.

    • Serum-free and chemically-defined culture environment
    • BPECs survive more than 30 doublings in WIT-P-NC
    • BPECs maintain luminal phenotype
    • No feeder cells required

This product is identical to the WIT-P Culture Medium (Product Code CM-0101) with the exception that no cholera toxin is included. A final concentration of 100 ng/mL of cholera toxin should be added to the media prior to use.

Disease Area: Cancer

Tissue Type: Breast

Storage and Stability

Store basal medium at 4°C. Store supplement at -20°C. Media and supplement are stable for a minimum of 3 months from date of receipt, when stored as directed.

Quality Control

Breast primary epithelial cells are tested for proliferation and morphology during culture over three continuous passages. Product sterility is confirmed by negative test results for bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasma.


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