Cancer Research Services

Partner with us and draw on our unique expertise to ignite new progress and possibilities in cancer research.

Cellaria offers a suite of custom services to address the ever-changing research needs of the drug discovery pipeline. We are advancing translational and clinical research with powerful solutions that address the need for better reproducibility, biological relevance, and relevance to the patient.

Utilizing our proprietary technologies and in-house expertise, and working as your collaborative partner, Cellaria is ready to help you accelerate the discovery of your next personalized therapy.

Our Technological Edge

We combine a staff of cell culture experts who specialize in difficult to culture tumor types with proprietary technology, creating ex-vivo cancer models with a feeder-free, reproducible methodology.

  • Integrated outreach services to source, profile, and model your desired tumor type.
  • Feeder-free methodology lowers contamination risk and provides higher reproducibility.
  • High success rate per sample, over 80%.
  • Wide network of tissue banks to source samples with the specific markers you need.
  • Wide portfolio of characterization capabilities including Next-gen sequencing.
  • Custom panels across highly sought out lineages.

Custom Cancer Cell Model Development

Cellaria can create custom ex-vivo cell models from highly sought out lineages, sourcing the appropriate tumor tissue for your needs and expanding and banking your finalized model.

Each of our models is derived directly from patient tumors, without any genetic manipulation, and provides the fidelity of primary cells with long-term reproducibility and scalability. Backed by extensive clinical and characterization data, our cell models are fully consented, fully documented, and subject to comprehensive quality control.


Tissue Sourcing (2 months)

Cellaria can procure patient-sourced cancer tissue of various subtypes and clinical indications critical to our customer’s research. We can also select tissues based on genomic or other characteristics prior to model development.

Tumor Tissue Characterization (1 month)

We can characterize your tumor tissue of choice on a genomic basis utilizing NGS and specific mutation panels, prior to model development, to ensure your specific needs are fulfilled by our models.

Model Development (2-3 months)

Our models go beyond traditional cell lines by maintaining culture heterogeneity. These source cells are fully consented, documented, and authenticated patient-derived cell models. Growth conditions are optimized to better maintain the relevant cell populations.

Model Characterization and QC (1-3 months)

We can characterize your model post development to ensure proper phenotypic and genotypic characteristics are maintained from the tumor sample to the model.

We will QC your custom cell models along your specific requirements and needs including, but not limited to:

  • Mycoplasma sterility to ensure lack of microbial contamination.
  • Pathogen sterility to ensure lack of viral contamination.
  • Cell growth comparable to original growth curve (within 10%).

Custom Assay Development

Test your targets on Cellaria’s authenticated cell models. Our team can cost-effectively evaluate your compounds against our cancer cell models.

  • Results are more representative of patient tumor response.
  • Get faster answers to important research questions.
  • Understand the relationship between the cell models and the tumor with characterization assays.

Mouse Xenografts from Cell Models

Cellaria will create custom mouse xenografts from in vitro cell models. Our xenografts provide a robust model to assess patient response.

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